Sand Separators, LLC

S.R. Green Super SandHog

The "Super Sand Hog™" Patented in the United States & Pending in Canada

Sand Separators LLC is happy to announce the first true innovation in sand separation since the first conventional high pressure vertical sand separator was built over 30 years ago. ASME code and stamped with a National board number, our Spherical Super Sand Hog sand separator is by far the most efficent sand removal separator in existence.

The radical change in design actually increases velocity and by the hydrocyclonic action it creates slings all solid particulates out of the gas or oil stream. We have received a patent on the process and the sand separator design itself.

Patented in the United States (RE43,941E) and patent pending in Canada (CA Pat. App. 2,706,359) , we offer the "Super Sand Hog" in 7500# MAWP down to 3500# MAWP in different dimensions. Our standard Super Sand Hog comes in 48" ID in either 5000# MAWP or 6000# Mawp ASME code and stamped with a National board number. The Super Sand Hog™ will outperform ANY conventional separator.

Please call for quotations and references! Call us and get the sand out of your profit!

About Us

Sand Separators, LLC offers for sale and rental a full line of well testing equipment, sand separators, choke manifolds, and more. We also offer contract well testing.

Our equipment and parts are all MADE IN AMERICA and compliant with A.S.M.E. Section VIII code.

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